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Safety is a significant issue for front-line workers like doctors, nurses, and other health care professionals at maximum risk of exposure to infectious diseases. Furthermore, infected health care workers could be a source of disease transmission to patients, family members, and other staff. The protection prevention can be achieved through wearing the appropriate Personal Protection Equipment (PPE). It’s specialized clothing or equipment designed to protect nurses against potentially infectious diseases.

Prevention of infection is not only applied to the novel coronavirus, but it should apply to all infection pathogens.

Through our close contacts in the industry, we enjoy direct relationships with the manufacturers of PPE. Naviti Health, carry’s a wide range of PPE products, including many brands of highly in demand both Nitrile and Latex medical examination gloves.

Naviti Health also offers a range of Testing solutions for Covid-19. We carry the most innovative and up to date test kits on the market today. Our test kits have a range of suitability, from at home use or a lab. All of our testing solutions offer quick, convenient and accurate results

There is always a demand for PPE. This became ever more clear when the Covid-19 pandemic hit the world. Healthcare workers found themselves in need of proper PPE and a reliable supply chain to keep themselves and their patients safe. 

We stepped up to the challenge.

Through our close contacts in the industry we enjoy direct relationships with the manufacturers of PPE especially those who supply Nitrile Medical gloves.

Naviti Health, carry’s a wide range of PPE products, including many brands of highly in demand Nitrile Medical Gloves.

To view our PPE products please use our FAST system.

In addition, our company also carrying other PPE products such as:

1) Facemasks – KN95 (Factory OEM), North American-made Niosh masks, etc.

2) Gowns and Aprons: protect skin and clothing

3) Goggles: protect eyes

4) Face shields – mucous membranes of face, mouth, nose, and eyes

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