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Naviti Health Financing Services and Support

Naviti Health offers flexible financing options for its medical service customer clients worldwide.

This financing suite of services provides customers and clients the ability to better invest your cash, operate more efficiently, increase your bottom line and important to all businesses, control your budget.

Financing types offered include operating, Sales Agreements, Capital Leases, Master Leases via Credit Lines, TRAC Leases and even of services such as HaaS and SaaS.

Naviti offers flexible terms and conditions for quality applications where initial comprehensive analysis and planning is provided as part of the process. An account manager, along with other professional administration support are provided where our customers and clients can lean on Naviti to have peace of mind.

Naviti’s professional financing resources provides the medical industry enhanced capabilities beyond traditional equipment financing services, such as buy out, extensions of facilities and restructuring, all tailor made for the global health services sector.

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