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Our team has been built from the ground up, where we have assembled a team of experts in the fields we need to best address the acquisition of PPE and Medical Supplies in these trying times brought about by the advent of the COVID virus pandemic we are currently enduring.

Below we introduce our team, and here we list the many departments you can contact for assistance with any issues you may be facing concerning the supply issues caused by this sudden rush for medical supplies and solutions.
Chairman & CEO
Thomas Wilson has solidified a reputation as an influential global leader, able to develop and manage high-performance international organizations as well as shape industry policy and regulation in diverse cultures and markets. He has proven his ability to break ground in tough new markets and business climates and adapt quickly to changing market conditions, emerging trends, and evolving regulations. Responsible for Strategic Planning, Partnership Development, Business Management and Capital Management.
Graduated Summa Cum Laude, BBA International Business Management from American Intercontinental University. Chicago, IL.
President & COO
Woodrow “Woody” Bowling is one of the top advisors in Foreign Affairs & International Trade Finance in the Americas, having been personal advisor to seven U.S. presidents. In the 80’s he became the head of his family’s company Bolling Advisors which was founded in 1960. 
He was the front man for the implementation of what became known as the “Brady Bonds” in the Americas during the Reagan administration and assisted Latin American governments in partnering with investors and builders in the United States, Germany, and France. Responsible for Global International Trade and Finance.
Chief Medical Officer
HR, Regulation and Compliance

Dr. Sophaganine Ty is a medical doctor with a postgraduate in Dermatology, venereology, obstetrics/gynecology, policy development, and an MSc in Disease Control. She has founded and chaired several public health bodies, which have acted as fora for developing partnerships and contribute to a more coordinated and communicated response to disease surveillance and outbreaks. 
She is highly experienced with health system strengthening, policy development, planning, training, monitoring and the implementation of strategic plans. Has experience working with global bodies such as the UNFPA, World Health Organization and other International institutions. 
EVP Sales
Health Solutions
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Greg Flynn, having a very experienced and successful career sales, specializing in account acquisition and sales negotiations. He has been a manufacturers’ representative, cultivating beneficial relationships with distributors, logistic experts as well as manufacturers -- selling millions of dollars of supplies to contractors, distributors, the US government, and end users. 
As a well-established investment broker, Greg provided financial advice and portfolio management then managed an exciting dot-com company from start-up to become an industry leader. 
Responsible for corporate product planning and sales and marketing for strategic PPE products and services
Sr. Vice President Procurement & Operations
Izaak Van Drongelen has more than 20 years’ international experience in Project Management and Order Fulfillment. He has international working experience in the Middle East, Europe, USA, and Central America and has a senior team of procurement engineers, quality specialists and logistics experts supporting him to monitor and control the production and logistics operations. 
Izaak has worked with import/export business trade for multiple decades, where coordination with factory and manufacturing facilities has been an active part of his department’s responsibilities, along with initiating product procurement, strategic development, etc. 
Responsible for all global procurement and logistics.
Program Director
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Andrew Lyons is a successful independent consultant with 35 years of diverse experience leading the development and implementation of enterprise-wide information technology-based business solutions in multiple sectors for medium to large organization.
While managing his consulting practice, he has built his own real estate portfolio and works with client to procure revenue generating properties. Also works in the capital markets to raise capital for real estate developments and other off market products.
He holds a BSc(CS) and BBA from the University of New Brunswick, an MBA from the University of Ottawa and a PMP form the Project Management Institute.
Exec. Vice President
Trade & Business Development

South Pacific Islands and Territories
Dr. Sailosi Ratumaitavuki is a new partner and General Manager of our new branch 'Naviti Health Pacific' based in Fiji. With origins from Fiji and a well respected family. 

Dr. Sailosi is a graduate of the Fiji School of Medicine and Fiji National University that is known to train majority of health professionals including doctors and specialists in the Pacific region which is the foundation of his strong connections in the region with associates he trained together with in Fiji. 

He holds a Postgraduate Diploma and a Master's Degree in Obstetrics and Gynecology and is an associate member of The Royal Australian and New Zealand College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists. 

In addition to his work at Naviti Health Pacific, Dr. Ratumaitavuki is also an Executive Council Member of the Fiji Medical Association with experience practicing his trade in countries throughout the Pacific region... including Kiribati, Tuvalu, Solomon Islands, Cook Islands and Christchurch Women's Hospital in New Zealand. 

He holds a strong network among clinicians, health administrators and businesses in the region including Australia and New Zealand. This network is essential for developing and strengthening regional partnerships for Naviti Health in the South Pacific region.
Vice President
Trade & Business Development
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Parrish Pellegrino has over 25 years’ experience in full spectrum international supply chain management across multiple product categories. With this comes his solid reputation as an influential global leader, able to develop and manage high-performance international contracts and transactions. Indispensable to our international trade team he has proven his ability to break ground in tough new markets and business climates and adapts quickly to changing market conditions, emerging trends, and evolving regulations.
Responsible for transaction management and sales product procurement planning.
Global Procurement Specialist - SEA
Randy Perea, An Electrical Engineer by profession with over Fourteen (14) years of experience in Supply Chain Management at International Companies in the Middle East and ASIA region (SAUDI ARAMCO, Atlantic Gulf and Pacific Company of Manila). Dedicated purchasing professional specialized in sourcing, logistics coordination, order expediting, vendor relation and inventory management.
Global Quality
Assurance Manager
Ikram Bacha is an expert QA/QC Professional with 12+ Years multidimensional and dynamic experience of leading and implementing Quality Management Systems, Vendor Inspections, Internal and External Auditing on Mega projects in Saudi Arabia with highly reputed organizations and clients such as Saudi Aramco. Ikram has a strong background in the field of Procurement, Engineering and Materials inspections dealing with factories and manufacturing plants. He is IRCA Certified Quality Management Systems Lead Auditor (ISO 90001: 2015)
Director Marketing
Corp Governance

Certified Professional Consultant to Management
* Corporate Strategy &
SEC Compliance
International Who's Who of Business Management
Diversified Cash Flow Secondary Market Specialist
Insurance Broker
Certified and Licensed in
Commercial & Residential
Real Estate Expert
Web Development Programmer and SEO Expert
Green Energy Invention
U.S. Pat # 8833070
'Low-drag hydro-pneumatic power cylinder'
Michael Wilson, a highly experienced corporate governance officer with extensive written skills, published grants for government entities in Nevada, organized and managed the corporate governance of hundreds of customers establishing business registration in the State of Nevada and providing professional copy writing and online marketing services for a litany of businesses in Nevada, Florida and Georgia.

Michael is responsible for all online marketing operations including creative market awareness, lead generation development, organization of the corporate website, content for both the website and bi-weekly electronic newsletter along with all external written materials.

He is also providing extensive support and management for ongoing corporate governance issues for the company.
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