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Naviti Health is delighted to be able to offer a financing solution to our buyers.

We're already self-financing gloves into the US from multiple factories in Asia, which have been shipped into the US and available for buyers to purchase via either CRF or DDP.

Equally, if there is a buyer that has the capability of financing and funding an FOB purchase… but can enjoy the comfort of not paying for the product until it arrives at their country of destination. Or, if they wish, for product to be delivered into their own warehousing DDP, then they effectively can take advantage of the financing which we can offer through the Naviti Health.

It's obviously subject to status, but essentially means that the buyer enjoys additional financing opportunities from the port of departure all the way to the country of their choice.

This is something we can facilitate. If you are working with a buyer or you are a buyer that's interested in this program, what I recommend you do is click on the FAST System FAQ section. You'll see a section there on financing. And we provide a process where you can fill out an enquiry form and outline what your requirements are, which we then review that and work with you and to see how well that will fit what we can offer.

But this offers considerable flexibility to buyers where you're accessing really the best of all worlds because you can be accessing factory direct info.

This is a big deal. And essentially, we will add onto that the logistics of shipping product anywhere in the world, either by sea freight or by air, and work with you in order to facilitate same.

We have our own in-house teams with decades of experience importing and shipping so we can handle those logistics and work with you to build and combine the necessary factors for building a financing solution to really give you the options you are seeking.

As we’ve said, we can offer the best of all worlds to buyers where they can get a very competitive price, whilst also having the assurance of not paying for the goods until it's delivered and arrives in their country of choice.

So access our FAST System and click on the FAQ and you can access our financing section to find out more. We look forward to discussing the opportunity you wish to create more with you when you are ready.

Thank you very much, and please do take the opportunity to join the FAST System and look at the insightful videos we provide so that you can see some of the other unique features of the services and products we are offering.

Thank you.

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