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Enduracaine™ Our product line is led by our ultra-long acting, low-toxicity local anesthetic medication, Enduracaine™. Enduracaine™ is a novel combination of three well-known, extremely safe and effective local anesthetics.

Product Description


Ventis Pharma was founded by an anesthesiologist, a general surgeon, and a Nurse Anesthetist, who is also a pharmacologist who needed a better option for their patients' post-operative pain management. They have created a safe, lower-cost injectable formulation for postoperative pain management that lasts up to 72+ hours.

Ventis Pharma’s product, Enduracaine™, provides patients with extended pain relief reducing the need for opioids of any type. This can contribute to the reduction of opioid dependency. Enduracaine ™ has a broad market potential for many reasons because of its low toxicity profile. It is also significantly more effective than current bupivacaine containing products, whether liposomally encapsulated, an acetate matrix, or combined with a non-steroidally anti-inflammatory drug.

Ventis Pharma has successfully tested Enduracaine ™ off-label in over 5,000 patients with no significant adverse reactions as well as demonstrating significantly improved patient outcomes. Benefits of Enduracaine and Comparative Toxicity Summary

A. Benefits of Enduracaine for Adults

1. Lower Toxicity – non-fatal toxicity
2. Allows for higher dosing volumes
3. Decreases need for postoperative pain medicine decreasing side effects
4. Extremely minimal side effect profile
5. Superior duration to other available long acting local anesthetics

B. Benefits of Enduracaine for Children of 6 years of age or older

1. Lower Toxicity leads to minimal complications
2. Allows for higher dosing volumes – Allows for 50% more volume to be administered compared to bupivacaine
3. Decreases need for postoperative pain medicine decreasing side effects
4. Extremely minimal side effect profile
5. Up to 12 times longer duration of effect over lidocaine and substantially longer than bupivacaine

C. Practicality and simplicity of use of Enduracaine for Surgeons/Anesthesiologists

1. Extremely simple reconstitution
2. No bedside calculations of dosing as concentration will always be the same

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