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Building Better Futures, Every Day
Naviti Health was born in the chaotic world caused by COVID. 
We have built strong direct relationships with factories 
around the world and a reputation for honest, fair business 
and innovative solutions for our customers’ benefit. 
This drives us every day... First class business in a first class way.

Our team has been built from the ground up, where we have assembled a team of experts in many fields which we need to best address the acquisition of PPE, Medical Supplies, Systems and Methods in these trying times brought about by the advent of the COVID virus pandemic we are currently enduring.

We are also involved in many projects and opportunities around the world
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Meet The Team
International Business Experts!
Hospitals, Hospital Software Systems, Casinos, Real Estate, Telephony Tech Acquisition & Much More!
  • Announcing Naviti FAST

    How to safely and effectively conduct PPE business.
    Welcome to Naviti FAST.

    A unique, all in one, global system to manage Frictionless and 
    Safe Transactions for peace of mind.

    • Straightforward, disciplined process for our 
       buyers to easily engage with us.
    • Safe , robust, fully supported supply chain management 
       for confidence in product screening, transparent pricing, 
       daily supply inventories.
    • Easy access on PC, Tablet and Mobile
    • Direct access to senior Naviti experts for assistance 
       around the world.
    Let's Get Started
  • Welcome to the Naviti Market Monitor

    The Health Solutions market moves fast. 

    Timely information is critically important. As a service to you, 
    the Market Monitor is designed to be your go-to destination 
    for current news and views you can use. 

          • Market Updates
          • Emerging Trends
          • Overcoming Challenges Avoiding Problems
          • Listening Post – Info and viewpoints from 
             our members and industry experts.
          • Dr. Sophie’s Corner – Helpful news and 
             product reviews from our well known 
             and respected Chief Medical Officer.
    Your go-to destination for PPE news 
    and views you can use.
  • Registration and License Information 

    Naviti Health Inc.
    U.S. SAM Reg.
    CAGE # 8SM24

    NAICS Categories
    423450 - Medical Supply
    424690 - Chemicals
    424210 - Medicine/Vaccines

    Wholesale Drug Distribution /
    3rd Party Logistics - Enrolled
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Naviti Health Inc 
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