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Since the start of the pandemic in 2020, it has been clear the PPE market is at best dysfunctional and at worst is completely broken. Such has been the demand for products that supply chains have been unable to cope and in many cases, the sheer number of parties involved in individual deals have caused them to collapse.

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Time and money has been wasted on non-existent products, and parties have misrepresented themselves as buyers where they have no access to funds, and in some cases, parties have acted fraudulently with the intention to deceive.

We are here to change all that. We have built a strong supply chain. We're developing strong relationships with our buying partners and with buyers, and as a result, we have developed the FAST System.

Let's now introduce the FAST System to you. FAST stands for Frictionless And Safe Transactions… “Frictionless” because we've created an easy to follow and straightforward process for our buying partners to engage with us and to act to access real time inventory that we've sourced in the market. “Safe” because through robust supply chain management, we've developed direct relationships into multiple factories in South East Asia, including Thailand, Vietnam, Malaysia and China. We've also developed relationships into sources in the US and Europe so that our buyers can be confident they can get access to product and transact inside the FAST System. You'll find dynamic content, which you can access locally on your computer, tablet or phone, and as live connections into our systems, enabling you to search for products.

With our live inventory updated every 24 hours, you can be confident that you'll be following the latest process and accessing the latest documentation to get started to get started.

Simply follow the three S's…

First sign in the NCNDA. This way, you can share the filesystem with your buying contacts safe in the knowledge that any business they introduce into the health will be credited back to your introduction.

Second, search our life inventory of products covering gloves, masks, vaccines and other PPE. If you don't find what you're looking for... Simply submit your RFQ via this process and one of our team will get back to you confirming availability and price.

And third, once you've found products, submit paperwork via our secure portal so we can act upon your buyer's requirements and start processing the order. Everything you need can be accessed inside the file system, including downloads, frequently asked questions, even Zoom meeting links.

Please note if you have any questions, we have a simple form for you to complete and we will direct your query to the best person within the team. Naviti Health also has the capability to finance product so we can meet your buyer's exact requirements, whether that be FOB, SIFF or DDP, whether you're looking for product direct or on the ground.

Our intention is always to work directly with the party who submits the paperwork and to work with you to coordinate with the buyer so you can be safe in the knowledge that your role will be integral to the transaction and that you will be rewarded for it.

We look forward to working with you. Welcome to Naviti Health and the FAST System. Thank you.

Naviti Management, LLC and it's Members are committed to helping specific humanitarian needs and requirements. In doing so, we have decided to form this foundation in the effort to best support these efforts. It is our profound goal to give back to the communities we serve and through these humanitarian efforts, our ability to help and assist in areas of our expertise shall be maximized through our strengths and those of our partnerships with other like minded institutions and individuals alike.

As we are in the formative period of our business structure planning and execution we will develop our non-profit outreach programs as we find they are necessary to implement for the many efforts we undertake. We are interested in programs tailored to improving people's lives and sustained ability to create stronger communities, health of the individual and community alike.

We will post further news about this aspect of our business efforts here. Please ask us about how these efforts may be implemented to support your humanitarian needs and requirements. We are actively looking for projects and programs where collective good and success can be attained by all involved.

One of the trends we've noticed within the health supply industry over the last 12 months have been some of the challenges which have taken place around global logistics and particularly around freight and moving containers. And this is certainly exacerbated during certain times of the year where seasonal demand for products literally causes huge disruption to global shipping. So as a consequence of that, we have looked at how we can put in place a flying program to make it feasible for a buyer to be able to fly in quantities of particularly hard to obtain PPE Supply product, from anywhere in the world into the country of choice.

This is something that's offered in relatively small quantities. So typically you might look at a single flight holding around 300,000 boxes of 100 count gloves, and we can bring in multiple flights into destinations around the world. This can be quite a cost effective way of moving your product because global shipping has gone up considerably over the past 12 months.

We have access to a number of different fleets of aircraft that we can call upon as part of this program. So if this is something that is of interest to you and/or buyers you're working with, then we can certainly discuss this and look at utilizing this program. Thus we can overlay that with any of the other products which we're offering via Naviti Health.

If you have a buyer which is looking to be able to urgently access, for example, quantities of gloves more quickly, or who have particular challenges with lack of availability of product and they're trying to locate on the ground opportunities increased by this Fly-In Product Expedited Acquisition System, we can create these opportunity quickly.

Product can be flown in to any country in the world in order to be able to ensure that buyers have access to the product they need throughout the pandemic. And it can be quite a cost effective way of doing it, particularly if you're comparing this to sourcing PPE Product on the ground.

And we have multiple factories whom we can call upon with confidence to be able to fulfill these requirements. So we invite you to contact us concerning this fly program.

Look within the FAST System and answer the call to action there, where you can click on a button and basically flag that this is something you'd like to investigate and discuss. We look forward to having the opportunity to work with you and to use this innovative program as a way of meeting a your more immediate needs. Thank you very much.

Naviti Health Financing Services and Support

Naviti Health offers flexible financing options for its medical service customer clients worldwide.

This financing suite of services provides customers and clients the ability to better invest your cash, operate more efficiently, increase your bottom line and important to all businesses, control your budget.

Financing types offered include operating, Sales Agreements, Capital Leases, Master Leases via Credit Lines, TRAC Leases and even of services such as HaaS and SaaS.

Naviti offers flexible terms and conditions for quality applications where initial comprehensive analysis and planning is provided as part of the process. An account manager, along with other professional administration support are provided where our customers and clients can lean on Naviti to have peace of mind.

Naviti’s professional financing resources provides the medical industry enhanced capabilities beyond traditional equipment financing services, such as buy out, extensions of facilities and restructuring, all tailor made for the global health services sector.

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